Code of Ethics for Teachers & Dancers

Code of Ethics for Teachers and Dancers of CRDM

A Code of Ethics for teachers and dancers are essential for providing a framework of reference

1. The use of alcohol, illicit drugs and smoking including vaping is not permitted in dance classes registered with CRDM.

2. A code of ethics for teachers and dancers promotes high ethical behaviour and provides them with a frame of reference for judgement in complex situations.
3. Professionalism involves conducting one’s self in a manner of honesty, integrity and dignity of character and spirit. Professionalism respects the rights, interests and welfare of those affected by a decision.
4. CRDM members must conduct themselves in an ethical and respectful manner.
5. When a CRDM member acts in an unethical manner it reflects not only on the individual but also on the school from which they are registered.
6. Misconduct will only create a sense of ill will within the organisation and within the entire dancing community as a whole.
7. Always promote a positive attitude.
8. Conduct oneself with integrity and dignity and be ethical in all dealings.
9. Demonstrate respect at all times towards those involved in CRDM.
10. In competitions always be gracious
11. Listen to your professional members with respect.
12. Recognise and respect the authority of officials and treat them with courtesy.
13. Never discuss your disappointments and displeasure in open forums for everyone to hear and see. This is not restricted to online social media and websites.
14. Never direct or employ abusive, offensive or demeaning tactics with those involved in CRDM.
15. Never jeopardise the privacy of your fellow members and competitors.
16. Always act in fairness and integrity in your pursuit of excellence.
17. The qualified teachers of CRDM school must be in attendance at all classes in all areas

CRDM Teachers Code of Ethics Declaration Form

I have read and fully understand the above.

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I have read and discussed the foregoing with my child and he or she understands same.

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