Costume Rules

1. Costume Rules
1.1. Dancers must use the changing rooms provided at each Feis to change in and out of costumes.
1.2. Full costumes must be worn at all times while dancing and for presentations. Dancers must wear either a costume or a skirt/trousers and top with sleeves.
1.3. Costumes/Skirts must be of an appropriate length so as not to cause offense or embarrassment. Skirt length should be no shorter than mid-thigh at the back of the leg. Costume/Skirt length must not be above a dancer’s hands when arms are place by their sides. Kick pants should not be seen.
1.4. Competitors taking part in beginner A & B grades are not permitted to wear a solo costume. They must wear either class costume or skirt/trousers and top.
1.5. Dancers are to ensure that he costume/top they wear while dancing covers their shoulders.
1.6. Feathers and any other hazardous materials are not permitted on costumes.
1.7. Dancers receiving results in beginner grades must remain in their class costume for the duration of their results.
1.8. Competitors must wear either white bubble socks or black tights. Where tights are worn, they must be of a denier no less than 70.
1.9. Appropriate underwear covering a dancer’s midriff must be worn.
1.10. Skirts worn over bodysuits/leotards must adhere to the rule on costume lengths.
1.11. The neckline on bodysuits/leotards must be no lower than the dancer’s collarbone.
1.12. Tight sports or gym skirts are not appropriate attire.
1.13. Wraparound skirts must be secured with pins.
1.14. Boys/Men’s costumes must adhere to the principle of modesty and enable them to safely perform.
1.15. Both male and female costumes must not have any representation of past achievements such as world globes.
2. Footwear
2.1. Dancers must wear appropriate footwear when they are dancing. Black leather/patent pumps for light dances and black treble shoes for heavy dances. Dancers are not permitted to wear coloured or diamante shoes whilst dancing or for presentations.
2.2. Buckles or elastic bands are not permitted in pumps/soft shoes.


Printable Costume Rules