Feiseanna Rules

 Effective 01/08/2018

1.1 Feis organisers will provide a safe floor for children to dance on. 

1.2 Dancers must be ready to dancer 3minutes prior to the scheduled time of their competition. 

 1.3 Dancers must dance under the age they are on the day of the Feis. If their age is not catered for they must dance in the next age group. 

 1.4 Once a competition has been called ALL dancers must go to the side of the stage. Dancers must report on time to compete (Penalty: disqualification from said competition). 

 1.5 Once a competition is closed no dancer is permitted to dance for any reason. 

 1.6 Teachers and team captains are responsible for their teams and should ensure that they are in position when the competition is announced. 

 1.7 The Feis Committee has the right to merge or cancel competitions on the day of the Feis. 

 1.8 If a dancer falls they will be allowed to re dance. They will be marked again on their 2nd performance. 

 1.9 If a dancer slips, they are to continue dancing and will be marked on this performance. 

 1.10 If a dancer performs a set dance of the wrong timing to the heavy round they will receive zero marks for that dance. 

 1.11  If a dancer enters and wins a competition that they have previously won the prize will have to be returned and will be awarded to the 2nd place dancer in said competition. 

 1.12 All Feiseanna will be run on the pickup system (regarding music). Dancers will stand in a line on stage and will step forward 2/3 at a time to dance the relevant amount of bars. There will be an 8 bar introduction between each set of dancers. 

 1.13 If there are more than 30 dancers in a competition, the competition may be split in 2. The groups will be determined by dates of birth. 

1.14 When Boys/Male championships are being held at championship they must compete in this championship. 

1.15  Feis organisers have the right to merge or cancel competitions on the day of the feis.