Media Policy

Media Policy

By attending any event being run under the rules of CRDM, you are agreeing that CRDM’s official photographr or media partners may use your child’s image or likeness for promotional purposes. The official photographer who has been appointed by CRDM may take photographs or videos of competitions or presentations. Such images may subsequently be used for marketing or promotional purposes for CRDM on the official website or social media outlets.

Any form of unauthorised photography which has the capicity to capture a dancers image whilst in motion, using electronic or manual means is strictly forbidden. This includes standard camera, mobile phone, camcorder or commercial film.

Other than the photographs taken by the official photographer all photogrpahs captured at the event including images of presentations may only be taken for personal use. They may not be redistributed, sold or passed on to third parties. They may not be redistributed for commercial purposes or or posted to any website/social media outlet without the permission of CRDM and the parents/guardians of all dancers included in any particular image.

Persons attending an event are not permitted to bring zoom lenses greater than 70mm inside the venue.

No individual will be granted access to take images on or near the stage whilst a competition is in progress.

Ignoring or failing to comply with the above may lead to expulsion form the premises.


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