Social Media Rules of CRDM

Social Media Rules of CRDM

1. All CRDM teachers, dancers, parents and family members represent the organisation. As such conduct should be consistant with high standards, values and ethics set out by CRDM.

2. Remember you are personally responsible for the content of your post, what you post can be viewed by others.

3. If you publish content related to your organisation, CRDM take no responsibility for your actions.

Each person is totally responsible for their post on a social media site and can be held responsible and personally liable for the comments deemed to be obscene, defamatory or inappropriate. Social media content is generated through social media interaction done by the user through the site, they alone have ownership of the content they post

4. Do not publish any confidential information about you school or CRDM on a social site.

5. Do not discuss dancers, teachers, parents, adjudicators, event organisers or anyone related to the schools of CRDM or any other organisation.

6. Be yourself at all times, do not post anonymously.

7. Do not use insults, racial slurs or obscenities, be respectful.

8. When posting comments use your best judgement, make sure what you post is appropriate, make sure what you have written has been done with an objective mind.

9. Don’t let your social media activities interfere with your relationship to the school you belong to or your responsibilities to your organisation.

11. Any breach of the above guidelines may result in disciplinary action

Social Media Rules Declaration:

I have read and fully understand the above.

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